Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Alright, Leo is having lunch right now so I finally have a moment to post on here. Yesterday was a crazy day and I'm not sure today won't be less crazy but we'll see about that.

I had to work yesterday, and as usual I was dreading it. However I was on time as always, I'm hoping if I keep a good schedule I could get a 'raise' and not work as much to get the roof fixed.  Though yesterday's work was truly terrifying for me to do. I believe I mentioned it before, but I am really use to non-human creatures because of where I grew up on Earth. After all my mom is half dragon! Though its not what you think a big fiery scary dragon, she can't transform like that instead she can have dragon wings and talons on her hands. Her half sister though can transform into a full dragon, though I never seen her do that. Truthfully I think I should have asked her to do that sometime, because what I saw yesterday would have been easier to deal with. When the repairman and I walked up to the door I wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary, I had seen a lot of the same kinds of people werewolves, ghosts etc during the other trips to houses. However I think the repairman took enjoyment out of making me knock on the door, knowing I probably wouldn't expect what I saw. The door opened up and instead of a person standing there, all I saw was an eye. A very very very big bright yellow with a red iris eye! I think I actually squeaked as I backed up almost falling off the  porch in the process, trying to ignore the repairman's joyous laughter at my fright. You know I really don't like my boss, he's becoming a real asshole but I guess that's what bosses do..anyway back to the eye..The eye seemed to look bewildered as it stared at me, just a bit of red scaly skin could be seen around it along with a claw carefully moving away.

"Clark? Who is this girl and why is she squeaking like a mouse?" the eye said, well okay it wasn't really the eye but I saw no mouth so at first I thought it was the eye.

"My new assistant, she's new to the planet and her house got damaged in a storm so she's working for me. Guess she never saw a dragon before." the repairman kept laughing all throughout his explanation, ignoring the fact I was glaring at him for laughing. Though a second later I paused in my freaking out to take into account what he had said. He had said a dragon! Like my family dragons! I just wanted to cling to the drag now even though I couldn't at the moment, I had never felt more at home then I did now and I just wish my husband and son had been there to feel it too. I think though that my boss was starting to see my longing to talk to the eye, so after finding out the dragon had transformed to keep his roof up, he had me stayed down on the porch to talk to him. My job then was to make sure nothing was hurting the dragon as my boss worked, but I think it was one of his semi-nice moments where he let me do what I want to. Which was to have a piece of home..So I spent most of the time on the porch just talking and finding out about him, it wasn't long into the conversation that he was asking why my tone ha changed. I couldn't explain everything to him of course but I did tell him that my adopted mother was a half dragon and my aunt a full dragon, and that I missed them very much and it was nice to feel a bit more of home on that planet. It took most of the day to fix that roof, but evidently the repairman has superspeed as well so I think that helped move things along as well. When he was done with the roof, the eyeball suddenly disappeared though, I almost pouted at that because I wanted to keep talking. However a moment later a young man, in his mid twenties walked out with a piece of paper with his number on it. He gave me a hug and the number telling me that I should bring my family over sometime and we could have dinner or something.

On the way back I couldn't figure out my boss really, he seemed upset but I don't know why. He just kept staring out the windshield, not saying a word to me as he drove back to his office. Actually the only thing he said when we got back was 'you can go home, come back in a couple days' and went back into his office. Not that I'm not happy to have days off, but his actions were really confusing me. I mean I don't like the man, I really don't considering he refused to have my husband helped when I can't do half the things my husband can, but still he is a person and I worry about how people are feeling and such.  When I got home I told Ellis about it all and we even told Leo about the dragon I met, I think we are going to have dinner at his house sometime this upcoming weekend.

Anyway I think Leo wants to go back outside to play with Gracie, so I gotta go and sit outside to watch him play. I don't know why he has to go outside to play with his imaginary friend, I guess he just doesn't want to bring her in the house because 'horsies don't belong in the housie' as he said at one point. Remember, if you have questions or want to keep up with me go to my facebook page . You can also follow me on twitter . Also if you'll look to the sidebar you'll see the link to my husband's blog that he just started!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Oh man

The last few days have been a nightmare, that is all there is to it. Between having work and watching Leo while Ellis looks for a job, I'm lucky to know if I should be awake or asleep. Right now I know I'm suppose to be asleep, but I just can't sleep so I snuck away to do a blog real quick.

 Ellis has been searching for a job like I said, but things aren't going well so far with that. I agree with him on the fact there are some discrimination laws on this planet when it comes to human. However what I don't understand is why he is putting that he's human in the first place. I mean I know that's what he was born as, but things have changed now and he should acknowledge that. It could help get a job if people knew what he was, though I think he's scared of telling people what he really is. After all, back home he would have to be hiding what he is from everyone but his family and things would be so much harder on him. As much as we are missing our home, sometimes I wonder if we should ever really go back to it. We would all have to be in hiding, not admitting who we are and I'm not sure Leo could go back to doing that. Maybe when things get settled down and we can go back home, we could do a split home so we could go see our parents but still live here. I don't know, I'm not fully sure of that kind of plan yet. Its just something that will have to be discussed with time really, things will change over the months and possible years that we live on this planet.

 You know yesterday I came home from work and didn't even spend time with Leo. Of course I was almost a royal blue when I got home, but still I feel bad about it. As soon as I got out of my third shower I was snugging with Leo on the couch, hearing all about his day that day. He also kept mentioning that I was still blue and saying he was sorry about that, I don't know why he was apologizing about it after all its not his fault. I think though it comes from what he was telling me about Gracie. He was telling me how he had been playing with her that day, and had told her how he missed me and wanted me home. Evidently he thinks the rain that started shortly after that was his fault, that Gracie had started the rain for him. He's such a sweet little boy, it took a lot of convincing that it was okay and it wasn't his fault it had rained. Even then I added on that the rain did bring me home earlier then I was suppose to get home, which just cheered him up about it. I think he was sorry bout making me blue in his mind, but he was also hoping his little 'trick' of having Gracie make it rain really worked. I love how he can be so sweet and loving yet mischievous at the same time, it just makes him so very adorable and causes some rather interesting situations.

 Oh! I forgot to tell you what happened today! I actually got a package in the mail, it wasn't from my family of course because they can't contact us here. However it was from one of my readers who had contacted me about making a plushie of me. She made it and mailed it out to me, it is absolutely adorable!

I love her so much and I definitely want to thank Samantha for such a cute plushie. You should totally check out her store, I have it linked in my sidebar! I'm not sure where I will put it yet, I have to make sure to keep it away from the kitties as they keep trying to eat the feathered wings she has on the plushie.  Also you know, if you make something and have a shop contact me and I'll try to help you out kay? I want to help all my readers out even if its free advertising!

Anyway I should get to bed, I hear Ellis moving around upstairs so he no doubt knows where I am.
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Friday, August 24, 2012


You know since we met the repairman, who does more then just roofs, I've been wondering what kind of creature he actually was. I mean we don't really have humans here, so I knew he couldn't be that but he didn't look like any stereotypical creature. Today however I found out what he was, well I sorta did anyway.

When I walked into the work he was walking out on a call, so instead of desk work which I was hoping to do today I was getting dragged out. I'm still trying to figure out why he wants me helping but he does..Anyway when we got out to the house it turned out to be a roof  problem, so I figured he was going to get his ladder out. However he didn't get that out, instead he just walked around to where the problem was. Within seconds he was raising into the air, flying on his own up to the rooftop! Truth be told it kind of reminds me of the super heroes back home, I've noticed that he's had exceptional strength as well which makes me wonder more why he wants me to help..Anyway once he figured out what the problem was he was yelling down to me tools to grab, which was a bit annoying since he knows I have problems lifting some of the tools. After he got all of his tools up to the roof from me, he did do something rather unexpected though. He scooped me up in his arms and flew up there with me! I really didn't want to be up there at all, I'm not afraid of heights but when there is no ladder its a bit frightening. Plus its not like this is my husband, this is not a man I  would trust to catch me if I fell..Luckily though as you can see I didn't fall from the roof and was able to hand him all the tools he wanted. That alone is an annoying task between trying to remember what things are and him grabbing the tools almost on top of my hands so its hard to let go of them. I swear he need's to learn some things about me instead of assuming I'm okay with this stuff. Oh well nothing bad has happened yet, I think he's just use to working with different people or even maybe people on this planet are use to people taking things like that. You know now that I think about it maybe that's it, things are different here so maybe people just naturally grab items from people differently. I haven't really had people take things from me yet so I have no reference beyond this, guess I'll just have to find a way to test the theory..

Anyway I should get going its late and I'm hungry, time to have a cookie snack. We made a rule of no sweets for Leo late at night..but he's in bed so I don't gotta follow that rule hehe.

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I was right luckily, I didn't have to work today. However there was things to talk to Ellis about, he had to go out and feed. Lucky for him there are ways for him to do it without there being a problem, though you know I always offer myself..he just doesn't take the offer usually, I think he'll be better about it when he's use to his new life style.

Anyway since he had to go out to feed today, I spent most of the day alone with Leo. Not that Leo minded, he was clinging to me as soon as I was up. I think he was afraid I was going to go out to work again, I hate being away from him during the day for work..maybe I can do extra work to get our share of the roof done quicker. Leo had always hated when I went to school back home, I can't imagine how he's seeing this when his daddy never comes with me. You would think he'd be happy to have his daddy home, but truthfully I think he's more worried bout me being alone. As soon as I got home last night he was asking if mommy was okay, he's such a sweet little boy.

I was really tired today though, and that was proven while Leo was outside playing. I was relaxing in a lawn chair while he ran around talking to Gracie today, saying how glad he was that she was okay. Its really sweet how worried he was about his imaginary friend, he see's it as a real friend...However while he was playing I could have swore for a split second I actually saw a horse running around with him. I know that's not possible though it was gone a second later, and I didn't see it again after that. I think my lack of sleep the night before has got me seeing things, Gracie couldn't be real..right?

Well I'm going to go to bed now..I'm suppose to work tomorrow, not looking forward to it.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Repairs Repairs and More Repairs

Alright so we found out that the storm did a lot more damage then we thought it had. Ellis and I went outside to check things and found half our roof was missing. My only question with this is how are we going to pay for it?! I'm still not sure how we are, but we'll find a way.

Truth is we need jobs, but we don't want to be away from I really don't want to work anyway though that is just me being lazy. However, I have picked up a small time job doing what? Repairs. Yeah, I know its a bit odd considering I'm new to the planet, however I'm helping the repairman who is doing our roof do other work. Basically I'm working for free but its paying for most of the repairs on our roof, so it all works out in the end. I know what you are thinking, Ellis should be the one doing this,thing is he tried to get the job but the repairman wanted me.  I don't know why, I thought maybe it was because of my wings so I told him I couldn't fly, but he still just insisted on me.

So today was my first day of work, and I already hate it. I had to follow the guy around all different parts of another storm attacked house, handing him tools randomly. Lucky for me though he was patient and explained things to me, since these are new tools to me after all. I don't know how many days of this I can take though, repair work is such a boring thing to watch especially when you don't know whose doing it! Luckily I don't think I work tomorrow, which means I get to spend more time with my family. For now I think I'm just going to collapse on the couch..

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


We have power! Finally! Yesterday we had a major rainbow storm roll in early in the morning. Actually early enough that thunder woke all of us, well woke Leo and he woke us up. Thunder here is a lot like back home, though that doesn't stop it from being scary to Leo. He ran into our room early in the morning trying to cling to us, my poor little boy. I tried to explain to him a way it wouldn't sound scary, but he wasn't listening to a word I said so I gave up after a few moments. I had to change my approach with things, but right now I just wanted to hold and comfort my little boy.

It wasn't long after that, that Leo freaked out even more though with good reason. The storm knocked out our power, and with it being a new house being stuck in the pitch black bedroom was a bit frightening. My cellphone was dead sadly, I forgot to charge it the night before, but Ellis's had a small charge so we had a temporary flashlight to use. After much stumbling around, Ellis and I were dressed and carrying Leo downstairs carefully.  We were lucky though, we had thought to get some candles last time we went to the store so we had light...sorta..We just didn't take into account how many candles that house would really need to light it up well enough to see the room we were in.

After a couple of hours Leo was starting to freak out again though. He kept saying 'what about Gracie?' to us, and was wanting to go outside to get her. It took quite a few tries but  I think we got him convinced that Gracie would have found a safe place to be outside and that going outside right now wouldn't be a good idea.  Either we convinced him or he just gave up on trying to go outside, with him being scared of the storm its hard to tell which it really was. I think though Damien coming up to the main floor helped things, Leo was delighted to see him somewhere beside the basement. Luckily with the storm knocking out the power, Damien grew braver and came upstairs to check on us. He knew it was our first storm here and wasn't sure if we had storms like this back home, so he wanted to make sure we were doing okay with it all. Leo was instantly clinging to him though begging for him to stay upstairs with us.

The rest of the day was spent telling stories and playing games by candle light with Damien. We had to have peanut butter sandwiches for lunch and dinner, the power never coming up and us not wanting to open the fridge often. We didn't get power back till a couple hours ago, which we spent  moving some things around in the house to make it easier the next time the power goes out. I'm not sure what we are doing today though, I think we might be going out and cleaning up what the storm did along with getting more things to get us through power outtages. According to Damien storms that bad are common, so we may be losing a power a lot I'm not sure. I'll probably write again tonight, but if I don't I'll update you on what happened tomorrow.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gonna Kick His Butt!

I came down from giving Leo a bath to grab a quick snack and guess what I saw? Ellis on the computer! Bad Ellis! Okay not really bad, I understand and did the same thing..but still I want him to be better and to do that he has to rest...

Today was uneventful of course, I was watching over Ellis and Leo was playing with his imaginary pony friend again. Once again I couldn't get him to tell me anything about the pony though I kept hearing 'can I ride you' while he was in the backyard, I really hope he doesn't try if he thinks the pony is real...he could seriously get hurt if he found a way to try to get up...

Anyway I really have nothing to say tonight. All I know is I want to go to bed and snuggle with my husband, its been such a long day and I just want to be with him..